The map markers below are used to represent each type of location:

mug40x40_40      club40x40_40      liquor40x40_40
      Bar          Club     Liquor Store

We use our best judgement to determine whether the location is a bar or club. If we miscategorized a location, please let us know by sending a quick email to, and we will make the change.


- Zoom In on any map to help distinguish between too many map markers and to narrow your search down to a specific area. Use the navigator on the left of the map or double-click on an area to Zoom In.

- In case you didn't know, you could click on any map and drag it around to view other nearby areas.

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Click on any tag word in the 'Details & Reviews' section of a location to find other bars and clubs in that area with the same tag word. You can only filter locations by one tag word at a time.

Favorite Locations:

This is a great feature which helps you save your favorite locations by clicking on the star next to the locations name. And the best part is, there is no need to sign up or log into an account. The site will remember your favorite locations through cookies.

The Export feature lets you backup your favorite locations so you don't lose them. Your locations will be lost if you clear your browsers cookies. To avoid this, save the file then Import it after you clear your cookies.

The Import feature also lets you transfer your list to another computer or share your list with a friend. They can Import your list which will combine your favorites with theirs and not override them.

facebook Events and Sharing:

To help people get more info on where you will be having your event, you could copy any location's URL from partyGPS and paste it right into the Event's 'Description' field on facebook. Be sure to copy and paste the URL of that specific location's page. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated entry field for a location's website right now on facebook's event setup page.

You can also share any page on partyGPS with your friends on facebook by clicking on the facebook icon/link on the bottom of the page and a pop-up will guide you through the rest.